Pattaya Special City Law

The city of Pattaya, which has been developed by the Thai government, is a tourist destination with a lot of marine sports and beach activities. This city is said to be a special city under the direct control of the Ministry of Interior.

This situation was due to the fact that it became too popular as a tourist destination.

The environment deteriorates due to excessive concentration of tourists

Too many tourists visited the city of Pattaya, polluting the sea and exacerbating pollution problems. Since the previous administrative system could not deal with this problem, the Pattaya Special City Law was enacted in 1976, and the city was designated as a special autonomous city. This incorporates the administrative system of the American city manager system.

After that, the Pattaya Special City Administrative Organization Law was amended in 1999, and it became possible to decide the mayor and members of the Diet by direct election of citizens.