History of Koh Samui

As I mentioned in the article “Characteristics and charm of Koh Samui”, Koh Samui is now famous as a major resort.

However, its history seems to be surrounded by many mysteries.

Koh Samui, which had little interaction with the Kingdom of Thailand until the present day

The island, until the AD about 500 BC, the people of the Malay Peninsula and southern China to live started to move have been the meta. A map of China in 1687 has been found to depict what appears to be Koh Samui.

Until the late 1900s, outside contact with Koh Samui was limited to a small amount of interaction with the Kingdom of Thailand. People lived a self-sufficient life, and it is said that there were no roads on this isolated island until the 1970s.

Since then, development has progressed and the transportation network including the airport has been improved. Today, it has succeeded as a resort tourist destination and is also known for producing coconut and rubber.