About the development of Koh Samui

Here, we will introduce the history of the development of Koh Samui, which started as a resort in the late 1900s to attract tourists.

The international airport was built about 30 years ago

This Koh Samui was not the most outside and the AC until the late 1900s, but Bakkupa’ is known as a beautiful island in the car who, seems to have become one of the already backpackers stop off place in the 1970s.

The international airport was opened in 1989, and since the airport was opened, development has progressed rapidly in various places. The Chaweng area, which is now the main area of ​​the island, was developed by Thai immigrants from the mainland after the opening of the airport. It seems that there are some parts of the road maintenance that are incomplete due to the rapid development.

Today, it is prospering as a downtown area with large shopping malls, resort hotels, and fashionable restaurants.