Lanta Islands to enjoy nature

Introducing the charm of Koh Lanta, which consists of two islands located in the southernmost part of Krabi Province in Thailand, and the surrounding Lanta Islands.

Lanta Islands, which is a marine national park

The Lanta Islands, which consist of 52 islands around Koh Lanta, are designated as Marine National Parks in their entirety . The highlights of Koh Lanta are deep forests and mangrove forests. You will be able to observe a unique ecosystem. It is said that caves will appear at low tide, making it an irresistible island for adventure lovers.

The sea near Koh Lanta Yai, one of the islands, is a great diving spot with colorful coral. You can swim with tropical fish in emerald green water or go through caves in the water.

We also recommend snorkeling, which is lightly equipped and easy to play. You can enjoy the colorful and beautiful view of the tropical sea even in shallow water.